BX Tablets

BX Tablets

BX Tablets is a fortified B vitamin preparation indicated for adults and children. The B vitamins in BX work together to improve many metabolic processes in the body and helps to improve proper body function. Together with Zinc, the B vitamins in BX work to enhance proper cell division, and therefore are very useful in promoting appropriate growth, especially in children.
They also prevent the characteristic syndromes that occur as a result of their deficiency such as anaemia, scurvy, pellagra, beri-beri, megaloblastosis, ariboflavinosis, etc.

BX when taken daily as a dietary supplement, improves the metabolism and utilization of energy in the body. It prevents lethargic feeling. BX improves appetite, boosts the immune system and promotes normal growth, and prevents growth retardation, especially in children.
BX is also recommended for convalescents and patients with known vitamin deficiency as an aid in restoring normal body function. It provides the necessary vitamins for the proper formation of blood.

Dosage and Administration
Adults 13 years and above: 1 tablet daily after meals, or as directed by the physician.

BX tablets should be stored below 30┬░C and away from excessive moisture and light.

     >>  BX tablets are presented in blister packs, with 10 tablets per blister.
     >>  Packs of 20 blisters and packs of 3 blisters are available.